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Forget tampons and pads


Louloucup is the menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons.

You can wear your Louloucup days and nights

No leaks, no sensation, no odor

Healthier and chemicals-free

No dryness, no irritation

Last years

Louloucup is reusable every month for up to 5 years. Your wallet and our planet will thank you

90% of first time users will never go back to pads and tampons

The best menstrual cup

Qu'est ce que la coupe menstruelle Louloucup?

Louloucup is an ultra soft bell-shaped menstrual cup. It collects your blood instead of absorbing it and offers you a feeling of comfort and freedom that tampons and pads do not offer!

It adapts perfectly to the moves of your body and you even forget that you are having your period.

Invisible, reusable, and ecologically friendly, you save money every month while reducing your environmental impact.

100% Healthy, reliable and comfortable

Our menstrual cup is manufactured in France using the best medical silicone and under strict hygiene conditions. Our menstrual cup is hypoallergenic. It is phthalate free, bisphenol A free, latex free and fragrance-free.

Its sleek design offers you an absolute comfort. Our menstrual cup does not have a ring or external grips that can be irritating or cause discomfort.


100% facile d'utilisation: Plie, insère et profite de 8 heures de liberté

Louloucup is specially designed to be extremely easy to use and to limit leaks. It offers you an optimal protection for up to 8 hours.

Easy to use and clean thanks to its unique design and wider holes.

Our menstrual cup does not cause vaginal dryness, unlike tampons.

Louloucup is designed for active women. You can run, dance, swim, do yoga or any other sporting activity. You can even sleep with your menstrual cup.

Where is Louloucup made?

 Louloucup is produced in France under strict hygiene conditions in a factory authorized to manufacture medical devices in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.

The ISO 9001 certification ensures that each Louloucup is manufactured with the greatest care and in accordance with the standards imposed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Why choosing the Made in France?

Many menstrual cups on the market are made with questionable materials, in countries where legislation is less stringent than in France. Depending on the country of manufacture, your menstrual cup may contain toxic substances. Unfortunately, not all menstrual cups are made with quality materials and some sources of silicones can be a hazard to your health.

The fact that Louloucup is made in France offers you a pledge of monitoring and quality. Your health and well-being are our number one priority. The fact that Louloucup is made in France offers you a pledge of quality assurance. For this reason, we engraved our logo and Made in France in our menstrual cups.

Why Louloucup is eco-friendly?

Louloucup can be reused every month and has an average life of 5 years if you take care of it properly!

Over a lifetime, a woman will use between 10,000 to 15,000 menstrual products (pads, tampons, applicators, packaging). Globally, more than 45 billion sanitary pads are discarded each year. It takes an average of 500 years for these hygienic products to degrade, making this industry one of the most polluting in the world.

Louloucup is the best alternative to disposable period products which pollute our planet. The purchase of your menstrual cup allows you to reduce your environmental impact.

Quality is our number one priority

We have the desire to provide women with alternative solutions. Louloucup has been designed for active and modern women who have decided to make responsible choices.

As a company, we make the choice to bring the best quality to our customers with a minimal impact on the environment.

At Louloucup, we believe that all women should have access to a menstrual cup of quality made under strict hygiene conditions. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable while providing the best quality possible.


I swim several times a week and tampons irritate me, the cup completely changed my life!
Chloe P.
My first and last cup! Very easy to use, the cup is soft and I don't have any leaks. I love the made in France
Nirah L.
I wanted to reduce my waste production and I heard about the cup - I love it - a real revolution
Naomi M.
I was skeptical at first but a friend convinced me, I wish I would have known before!
Sophie C.
One word: AMAZING
Elise P.
I tried another cup before but it was not as soft and very difficult to insert, I tried this one and I prefer!
Sarah K.


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The best menstrual cup
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Louloucup offers you an intimate revolution. Not only you improve your daily comfort, but you also lower down your waste production.

Louloucup is a brand registered at the INPI (4370719)